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    70 years of tradition
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    Reflection of tradition, experience and quality

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We provide numerous services. We can offer you the following:


⚪ Tooth restoration
⚪ Tooth whitening
⚪ Esthetic composite fillings using the most modern nanocomposites
⚪ Construction of: inlays, onlays, pinlays and vimeras


Root canal treatment, i.e. endodontic therapy, is one of the most popular dental interventions. It is a procedure performed in local anesthesia and thus mostly not painful.

⚪ Root canal instrumentation using an endomotor with apicolocator
⚪ Use of enlargement to detect unmachined canals
⚪ Revision of canal fillings
⚪ Use of most modern sealers, for definitive canal filing
⚪ Glass fiber posts

Affected apical paradentium is, in fact, treated indirectly, by treating root canal with affected pulp and entails good shaping, cleaning and closing of the root canal. After the properly completed endodontic procedure, the tooth can continue its physiological function and role in the process of chewing.


⚪ Ultrasonic removal of calcareous deposits
⚪ Removal of soft deposits
⚪ Air-jet removal of soft and nicotine deposits
⚪ Maintenance and treatment of periodontal apparatus


⚪ CAD – CAM system
⚪ Non-metallic press lithium silicate ceramics
⚪ Total prosthesis on mini implants
⚪ Prettau Zirconia
⚪ Translucent Zirconia
⚪ Non-metallic crowns
⚪ Metal-ceramic crowns and bridges
⚪ Bridges and crowns on implants
⚪ Total and partial resin prosthesis
⚪ Partial dentures
⚪ Ceramic veneers
⚪ Total restauration
⚪ Composite facing
⚪ Fabrication of temporary crowns


⚪ Tooth extraction
⚪ Surgical tooth extraction
⚪ Extraction of impacted wisdom teeth
⚪ Apicotomy
⚪ Periodontal surgery


⚪ Placing the most modern tooth implants: Straumann, Nobel, Zimmer
⚪ Immediate loading
⚪ Prosthetic replacement
⚪ Replacement of artificial bone
⚪ Sinus lift
⚪ Mini implants


⚪ Fabrication of mobile and fixed orthodontic appliances
⚪ Tooth fluoridation
⚪ Fissure sealing
⚪ Esthetic fillings
⚪ Milk tooth extraction

Branko Dental Tehno 70 years of tradition

For centuries, jewelry making and dentistry have been the two most revered skills in these parts, both because of the necessary calm and precision of the workers, and because of the priceless value of the materials these artisans used. The skills of those craftsmen have been transferred through generations like holy scriptures, cherished and improved. In XIX century, dentistry broke away from this tradition and became a science called Stomatology. The Stanković family is one of the oldest dentists’ families in Niš. They have been in the dental business since the end of XIX century; the fourth generation of dentists (i.e. dental doctors) have been providing the services of all dental interventions in the domain of tooth and oral diseases, oral surgery, prosthetics and children’s dentistry in a most contemporary equipped space in Stojana Novakovića street in downtown Nis. Apart from dentist interventions, we are capable of offering the services of the most contemporary dental engineering at the same address. We can always complete even the most complicated prosthetic procedures in extremely short deadlines, according to the highest European standards, using exclusively German material of high quality.

Our dental office, ”Branko Dental Tehno“ is a reflection of tradition, experience and quality, and as such can help you with all your dental issues.


Dental tourism

We provide comprehensive care for our patients. We understand your needs and we will do everything we can to help you solve your dental issues.

Payment options

Possibility of payment through international or domestic health insurance.


Apart from dental services, the dental office "BRANKO DENTAL TEHNO" offers you accommodation and transport in the city of Nis. One of the locations is in immediate vicinity of the office.


Combine business and pleasure, visit the historic city of Nis and use the services of the dental office "BRANKO DENTAL TEHNO".


During your stay in our city, you can enjoy sightseeing and walks, and we will tell you all the must-visits!

Offer for legal entities

Dental office "BRANKO DENTAL TEHNO" offers the possibility of drafting a business contract that would encompass regular dental appointments and performing all kinds of dental services in the following ways:

⚪ possibility of activating domestic or international health insurance.
⚪ possibility for the company to deposit the agreed yearly sum at the office, that would enable dental examinations and providing of urgent care for acute ailments, with all other dental interventions for a discount.
⚪ possibility of setting up internal health insurance for the employees, where the company would cover a percentage of costs for the performed dental services, while the rest would be covered by employees themselves .
⚪ possibility of deferred payment in 6 to 10 installments, depending on the scale of dental procedure, using the so called administrative ban (deduction from the monthly salary and depositing the said amount on the office’s account until the complete settlement of the debt).
⚪ possibility of internal crediting of the employees, which would mean that the company would pay for the costs of dental procedures, and then deduct from the employee’s salary, according to their mutual agreement.
⚪ by creating a business contract with the dental office, your company lets the employees know that it cares about their dental health. In that way, the employees will be more motivated to work and more loyal to the company.

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